Dou Hong

Character Designer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I do not post art on this tumblr, check out my art tumblr in the links above!

I reblog no more than 15 posts a day and I always keep this tumblr under 500 posts. Huge fan of Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, and Young Justice! I also love pugs!


+ART STORE+ with my friend, Kwestone

My Formspring

Saint Walker, why you so sad? Blurgh… must be thinkin’ bout his family. (GAH WE NEED A SAINT FLAWLESS ORIGINS EPPY!)

Also… this is just something to throw out there…

But is anyone planning a viewing party for the premier on the 29th? Nothing elaborate or fancy, just viewings between friends?

I’m only asking because I have no TV and no cable. And to give you guys some basic info so I don’t sound like a total creeper asking to enter your residence…

My name is Dou Hong: Character/Prop Designer at CN on Ben 10: Omniverse. I am free of felonies and I live in Burbank. I have a car and I’d love to pick up some food to bring as thanks for letting me watch with you guys. 

Obviously, since I just stated that I’m in Burbank, if you do have a premier party not in Cali… then I can’t go ;_; I saw that a lot of you posted pictures of going to that GLTAS Greet-And-Meet on last Sunday, which means that there is hope (I’m lookin’ at you SW!).

I did buy the second seasons of both YJ and GLTAS on iTunes, but uh… I feel that it would be more fun if I actually watched with other people, and besides, it would be awesome to get to meet other guys and gals who are into GLTAS and YJ as much as me! 


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